Lowering the voting age in Canada.

 There are many people in Canada who believe that the legal voting age should be lowered form 18 to 16. They believe that because they feel if teens are expected to have the same responsibilities as adults then they should have the same rights too. On the other hand, not lowering the voting age would keep young teens from voting blindly on matters they don’t understand. I believe the voting age should stay the same for the following reasons.


 Young teens do not have the life experience needed to make decisions regarding government. Lowering the voting age would not only give them a say in matters that do not affect them, but would widen the pool of un-informed voters. Teens do not have enough knowledge of how the government system works and how to choose who to vote for. Also, youth do not have the same problems or issues as adults and thus should not be given the same say. Young minds are also more impressionable and can be easily influenced. When it comes to making important decisions about government policies, adults should lead the youth, not vice versa.

Some adults today do not vote, simply because of lack of interest. If this is the case, then why do some assume that those still in high school would have any interest in government policies. In the last 2011 federal election only 38.8% of voters aged 18-24 voted and if the age limit was lowered that number would be even lower. If those who are seen as adults don’t vote then why would students who are not yet legally adults take out the time to vote? The youth are not interested in voting, and whether or not we lower the voting age, the un-interested simply do not vote. 

Young teens do not have the need to vote nor would they. When it comes to matters of the government, the youth does not need to have say in what should happen. Most 16 year old do not have the maturity, interest or knowledge of politics to make an informed decisions about issues regarding government. Even if the voting age were to be lowered, teens would not vote, and if they did, it would most likely not be an informed vote. However unlikely, their un-interested and uniformed votes could alter the course of an election. 15% of people are more likely to vote as they ageImage

 It’s important to remember that most 16 year olds have never needed to think about the future of their children nor the money for their retirement. The voting age should stay the same, not because all teens are immature and oblivious when it comes to government, but because they just don’t have the same need or obligation to vote as those that are older. If not voting does not affect them directly, then why burden them with another responsibility that they don’t need and will most likely not fulfill. 


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